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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (Research)

  1. Translocation of a β-peptide across cell membranes. Naoki Umezawa, Michael A. Gelman, Marcia C. Haigis, Ronald T. Raines, and Samuel H. Gellman (2002). Journal of the American Chemical Society 124, 368–369. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  2. The ribonucleolytic activity of angiogenin. Peter A. Leland, Kristine E. Staniszewski, Chiwook Park, Bradley R. Kelemen, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Biochemistry 41, 1343–1350. [PubMed] [PDF]
  3. Semisynthesis of ribonuclease A using intein-mediated protein ligation. Ulrich Arnold, Matthew P. Hinderaker, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). TheScientificWorldJOURNAL 2, 1823–1827. [PubMed] [PDF]
  4. Collagen stability: Insights from NMR spectroscopic and hybrid density functional computational investigations of the effect of electronegative substituents on prolyl ring conformations. Michele L. DeRider, Steven J. Wilkens, Michael J. Waddell, Lynn E. Bretscher, Frank Weinhold, Ronald T. Raines, and John L. Markley (2002). Journal of the American Chemical Society 124, 2497–2505. [PubMed] [PDF]
  5. KFERQ sequence in ribonuclease A-mediated cytotoxicity. Marcia C. Haigis, Erin L. Kurten, Richele L. Abel, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Journal of Biological Chemistry 277, 11576–11581. [PubMed] [PDF]
  6. Evolution of ribonuclease inhibitor by exon duplication. Marcia C. Haigis, Eric S. Haag, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Molecular Biology and Evolution 19, 960–964. [PubMed] [PDF]
  7. Fluorescence assay for the binding of ribonuclease A to the ribonuclease inhibitor protein. Richele L. Abel, Marcia C. Haigis, Chiwook Park, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Analytical Biochemistry 306, 100–107. [PubMed] [PDF]
  8. Staudinger ligation of α-azido acids retains stereochemistry. Matthew B. Soellner, Bradley L. Nilsson, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Journal of Organic Chemistry 67, 4993–4996. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  9. Protein prosthesis: A semisynthetic enzyme with a β-peptide reverse turn. Ulrich Arnold, Matthew P. Hinderaker, Bradley L. Nilsson, Bayard R. Huck, Samuel H. Gellman, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Journal of the American Chemical Society 124, 8522–8523. [PubMed] [PDF] [Supporting Information]
  10. X-Ray structure of two crystalline forms of a Streptomycete ribonuclease with cytotoxic activity. Jozef Sevcik, Lubica Urbanikova, Peter A. Leland, and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Journal of Biological Chemistry 277, 47325–47330. [PubMed] [PDF]

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (Reviews)

  1. Insights on the conformational stability of collagen. Cara L. Jenkins and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Natural Product Reports 19, 49–59. [PubMed] [PDF]

Invited Journal Articles

  1. Semisynthesis of proteins containing selenocysteine. Robert J. Hondal and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Methods in Enzymology 347, 70–83. [PubMed] [PDF]
  2. Genetic screen to dissect protein–protein interactions: Ribonuclease inhibitor–ribonuclease A as a model system. Sang-Hyun Park and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Methods 28, 346–352. [PubMed] [PDF]


  1. This year's model. Samuel H. Gellman and Ronald T. Raines (2002). Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 6, 727–728. [PDF]