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All cells on Earth possess a carbohydrate coat. Emerging evidence indicates that this coat serves as a critical conduit of information, but little is known at the molecular level. Elucidating how carbohydrates are assembled, how they are recognized, and how they function are issues at the scientific frontier. Using ideas and approaches that range from synthetic chemistry to cell biology, our research group is addressing the critical issues at this frontier. A summary of the key elements of our research program along with relevant references can be found in the links below.

Chemistry to Explore and Exploit Multivalent Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions

Multivalent Carbohydrates as New and Powerful Probes of Signal Transduction

Carbohydrate Polymer Biosynthesis: A New Target for Anti-Tuberculosis Agents

Carbohydrate Polymer Biosynthesis: Controlling Length

Carbohydrate Polymers and Human Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency