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ACS Meeting Boston August 2007

Quick notes on the ACS meeting and banquet in Boston

Many Frey lab members came to Boston for the August 22, 2007 ACS symposium in Perry’s honor, and then for the celebratory banquet afterwards. Claire CaJacob was instrumental in organizing both the symposium and the banquet (and we all have her company, Monsanto, to thank for the dinner). ‘Perry stories’ abounded, including a delightful presentation by Doug Sammons, and ranged from hiking expeditions, to fishing adventures, to family growth and change, to reminiscences about holiday potlucks and Carolyn’s good influences, to heartfelt thanks from all for Perry’s guidance.

While the symposium presentations amply demonstrated how former lab members have broadened the scope of Perry’s research interests yet further (and the food at the dinner was delicious!), that so many lab members attended offers a far more significant testimony of Perry’s scientific legacy. We work in multiple areas (industry, government, academia) and in multiple disciplines, but each of us can look back on our experience in the Frey lab as one of the most formative influences on our career paths. The symposium provided a wonderful excuse for members of the ‘Frey lab family’ to have a most-welcome reunion.

Perry spoke movingly at the dinner about his decision to attend Ohio State, and his continuing gratitude for the affordability of the program. At the time, Ohio State’s tuition was approximately 5% of that of private schools, and it was close enough that Perry’s beater car could transport him adequately. The University of Wisconsin then offered a similar bargain, but in-state tuition at Madison is now closer to 30% of private schools—beyond the means of many deserving students, even with scholarships and loans. For this reason, Perry and Carolyn have worked with the University of Wisconsin Foundation to establish the Perry and Carolyn Frey Life Sciences Scholarship for undergraduate education.

Kafryn Lieder