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Thomas Ziegelhoffer

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Tom received his BS degree in Bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983. He worked as a research technician at UW-Madison in the lab of Norman Drinkwater (McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research) until entering graduate school in 1985. He did graduate work in the laboratory of Costa Georgopoulos at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and was awarded a PhD. degree in 1991. His thesis work focused on the role of E. coli heat shock proteins GroEL and GroES in bacteriophage morphogenesis. He returned to UW-Madison for post-doctoral work in the Craig lab, (supported by a fellowship from the National Institutes of Health), where he primarily studied the biochemistry of the SSA and SSB cytosolic Hsp70 chaperones of S. cerevisiae. In 1995, he became an associate researcher in the Plant Biotechnology Lab at the UW Biotechnology Center. The primary focus of his work at the UWBC was the expression and characterization of microbial enzymes in transgenic plants, with an emphasis on producing enzymes for use in the conversion of cellulose to ethanol. This work was supported primarily by competitive grants from the USDA (Co-PI with Sandra Austin-Phillips). Tom returned to the Craig lab in 2010 as an associate scientist and continues to apply genetic and biochemical approaches to the study of cytosolic Hsp70 chaperones and their co-chaperone partners.