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THE NEWS - 2012

Greetings from the Craig Lab. Much has happened since the last dispatch from the lab. Many comings and goings, and many babies. We welcomed six Craig Lab newborns over a 16 month period, as well as Betty’s new grand-child! ! A record?? Congrats to the lab’s new parents: Amy, June, Sanjith, Jeanette, Hyun-Young and Ji-Yoon.


The big news is that after working half-time for two years Willy Walter really did retire. For his retirement party many lab alums sent their memories and amusing anecdotes that made us all laugh. Tom Ziegelhoffer joined the lab (again) taking over many of Willy’s roles and jumping into the world of cytosolic J-proteins, along with Hyun Young Yu.

Two PhD students graduated. Jeanette Ducett (nee Waltner) moved on from the world of “what does a ribosome-associated chaperone do when it's not on the ribosome” to the world of “real prions” (not those yeast ones). Masaya Hayashi whose interest in evolution helped lead the Craig lab in that exciting direction has returned to Japan for his postdoc.

Several postdocs are off to new places and new jobs. Takashi Higurashi joined the Biotech company EVEC in Sapporo, Japan, a move which had the added benefit of being in the same city that his wife had a job! June Paismoved to Boston. As a postdoc at New England Biolabs she is in enzymology heaven (no, we don’t get a discount on enzymes). Justin Hines is now an assistant professor of chemistry at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, keeping up his interest in yeast prions. Chandan Sahi, who claims to greatly miss the Wisconsin winters, joined the faculty of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bhopal.

Ji-Yoon Song has returned to Seoul; both she and her husband snagged coveted jobs at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. Her Fe-S cluster/proteolysis project (how is it and why is it that Isu’s half-life can vary from 15 min to two hours) has been picked up by Szymon Ciesielski, who recently joined the lab as a postdoc from Gdansk, Poland. Our University of Gdansk connections remain strong. Not only does Jarek Marszalek come to the lab for several months each year as a visiting professor, two visiting students (Julia Majewska and Michal Rogaczewski) will arrive in March for a year to continue their work on our joint Fe-S cluster biogenesis projects.

Brenda Schilke (master geneticist and molecular biologist) continues to bridge all the mitochondria projects, from Fe-S cluster biogenesis to mitochondrial import. IPiB grad student See-Yeun Ting has joined the import project. Brenda and See-Yeun make a good team working to understand the amazing complexities of the mitochondrial import motor.

Amy Prunuske moved north, leaving the ribosome-associated chaperones and pleiotropic drug resistance behind, and has settled into her new job as assistant prof in the University of Minnesota-Duluth Medical School. Lindsey Hoover and Peter Kuhn and a new (as of Jan 2012) IPiB graduate student Kanghyun Lee now form the core of the ribosome-associated chaperone group (aka “B” group). Sanjith Yeruva has also left the lab, returning to India. But Om Shrestha who joined the lab (and “B” group) in 2012 continues the same enthusiasm for structure that Sanjith and Jeanette brought to the lab – so the Craig lab’s baby steps in that direction will hopefully continue!