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Kadina Johnston


Kadina is part of the Class of 2018 and was admitted to the Biochemistry Scholars Program in the spring of 2015. Kadina is a Biochemistry major and is pursuing a Certificate in German as well. Currently she is interested in a career in medical research or drug development, so she plans to attend Graduate school following graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Kadina is also doing research in the Richard A. Anderson Lab where she focuses on cancer-causing pathways involving phosphoinositides in human cancer cell lines. Kadina previously worked in the Gopalan Lab in the Materials Science and Engineering Department studying the effect of solvent polarity on the absorption spectra of multiple azo compounds. In the Craig Lab Kadina has been working with Szymon and Brenda studying co-chaperons Sis1 and Ydj. She is currently focusing on the substrate-binding domain of Sis1.