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Toluidine Blue Staining of Arabidopsis Pistil Sections

Each of the links on this page will download a compressed (zip) folder of toluidine-blue stained sections through Arabidopsis pistils.

These are raw images, not all of them pretty; they are recommended only to the serious student of ovule or embryo sac development, or someone who is planning on doing sectioning himself. 

The naming system is as follows:  "ov WTa_a # $$x" 
a = identification of the sample being sectioned
# Sequential number of the section: approximate number of microns past an arbitrary start point ("0")
$$x = magnification (10x, 40x or 100x objective)

Most images are of 1 micron thick sections. 


The following are sections through pistils with embryo sacs at approximately FG1 stage of development.  Since this was my primary interest, these folders have many images.   
WT1B (zipped folder)          Here are electron micrographs of pistil WT1B at level 14 (zipped folder)
WT2A (zipped folder)
WT3G (zipped folder)         Here are electron micrographs of pistil WT3G at level 22 (zipped folder)
WT5A (zipped folder)

WT FG3 or later

These are sections through pistils with embryo sacs at the FG3 stage of development or later, as evidenced by the presence of a large vacuole.  These folders contain fewer images because I stopped taking sections as soon as I saw how old the embryo sacs were.
WT1A (zipped folder)
WT3D (zipped folder)

Mutant FG3 or later

These sections are from an Arabidopsis mutant ("hh") where a proportion of the embryo sacs arrest at the FG1 stage of development.  Therefore, most of the embryo sacs in these sections are at FG3 or later, as evidenced by the large vacuole; however, some a few of the sacs are still at FG1.
hh1E (zipped folder)   FG3-FG4 (large vacuole, not cellularized)
hh2F (zipped folder)   probably FG3-FG4 (large vacuole, no evident cellularization)
hh5C (zipped folder)   FG4 (large vacuole, not cellularized, two adjacent nuclei visible)
hh2A (zipped folder)   FG5 (just undergoing cellularization).  See below for correlated EMs
hh1C (zipped folder)   FG5-FG6 (cellularized, antipodals still present)
hh3F (zipped folder)   FG5 or later (cellularized)
hh5D (zipped folder)   FG5 or later (cellularized)

Here are some electron micrographs of a normally-developing embryo sac from sample hh2A.  The embryo sac is just undergoing cellularization (FG5).  The EMs are from two different levels: +1, where multiple nuclei are visible at one end of the sac, and level +28, where a forming cell plate is visible.
hh2A level 1 (zipped folder)
hh2A level 28 (zipped folder).