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Image galleries of electron micrographs from developing Arabidopsis pollen

Click on the images below to access the galleries.

"Early" polarized
image of "Early" polarized microspore
"Late" polarized
image of "Late" polarized microspore
mitosis I
image of Pollen mitosis I

image of bicelluar

Golgi bodies
image of golgi bodies
trans-Golgi networks (TGN)
image of trans-Golgi network (TGN)
Convoluted sheets
image of convoluted sheets

Finally, if you really want lots of micrographs, here are links to download zipped folders containing the raw EM images of WT pollen at these different stages.  Some images are better than others.
Early polarized microspore (zipped folder)
Late polarized microspore  (zipped folder)
Pollen Mitosis I (zipped folder)
Bicellular (zipped folder)

Also, here is a link to a zipped folder of toluidine-blue stained semi-thin sections through a WT anther at the early polarized microspore stage.

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