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Positive Student Comments on Collaborative Learning

I especially liked the small group idea. That is where I learned the most and felt the most stimulating discussion was."

"I felt that leaning did occur in class and more interest was aroused, however out of class group learning was minimal."

"I think a lot of learning occurred. More would have occurred if a) the basics were covered before open discussion and b) the class were more open to the new format. There was a lot of resistance to change."

"It is important to allow time for discussion in class. The things I talked about with class members I can remember and understand better."

"Since we had excellent print notes, the time was used well to integrate knowledge."

"The format allowed me to maintain my interest as the semester wore on as opposed to facing a long, non-interactive lecture at the end of the semester."

"It certainly helped to get a variety of perspectives when learning the material. The class questions/discussions helped me to really integrate the material."

"I learned much more here than in a traditional lecture format I learned I believe I will retain better than a typical memorization-exam-forget everything routine."

"This format aroused a lot of interest and caused me to want to keep up in the course. However, it is hard to adjust at first when the typical lecture format is what one is used to."

"We were forced (reluctantly at first) into new and better learning methods. I thought the classroom dialogues were extremely helpful."

"For myself, I needed to be forced to think differently, critically, and be more active with my classmates. I learned to like metabolism and pathways and the interactions between systems in a completely new light."

"I think several people enjoyed this course format and it was those people who benefited the most from it. Some people need the traditional monologue lecture formats to learn. Personally, I am tired of that. Discussion helps me learn. If I can say it, I've learned it."

"The instructor was very open to new ideas and very flexible. In fact, I don't remember any of my science instructors ever being so open to new ideas."

"As far as peer instruction goes, I often learned the most when students were asked in class to restate what the instructor said. The students were able to present it on an easier level of understanding."

"I liked the dialogue time-reinforced learning more than just lecturing."

"Students are capable of learning material that would be covered in monologue lectures on their own. Class time is better used as time for discussion/dialogue."

"No matter how much some students gripe about your methods, there are those of us who like though-motivating/challenge approach to learning."

"I hated these at first but grew to like them-they presented the opportunity to use our problem solving skills."