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Negative Student Comments on Collaborative Learning

"I had to do all the learning myself."

"Sorry to be a snob, but really the dialogue I was most interested in and would've benefited the most from was the instructor."

"Just lecture. Dialogues lead to confusion and conflicting theories, especially when no right answer is given."

"I think lecturers should teach the class, not the class teach itself. We spent far too much time listening to personal commentary and stories of a few people-Not learning."

"We can always go to other students. The instructor should be prepared to explain things thoroughly so we don't have to hear it wrong from another student first. I study better on my own-forced group things negates diversity."

"I hate collaborative learning. I feel it is the worst way to learn. On top of that, I was too scared to actively learn."

"I feel class is for lecture, not personal discussions."

"There's nothing wrong with cooperative learning, but it was run into the ground during this course. It felt like I was supposed to covalently bond to my study group. We all spend more than enough time with each other every day, anyway."

"Dialogue did nothing for me. It was the same people talking with the instructor while the rest of us sat there. I did not sit there because I am lazy; I was thoroughly confused and I would like to have known what was going on. Because of all this dialogue, I learned very little."

"I want to learn the background via the traditional monologue lectures otherwise I can't participate in the discussion because I'm lost. Dialogue time is a waste. We can dialogue with our group after class and get more out of it."

"It was different but I would rather have the traditional way. I think there should be less dialogue and more lecture time."