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Alumni News 2000

Dan Gretch left his faculty position at Wartburg College in Iowa to return to Montana for a chemistry position at Montana State University-Billings. He has been at MSU-B since the Fall of 1999. His teaching involves biochemistry, general chemistry and some general education chemistry. Dan is busy submitting grants to support his research which still involves lipid transport and lipoprotein assembly. Dan's wife, Darla, is working in a investment brokerage firm and is fully licensed to sell securities. Brice is now 9 years old and Brad is 6. They both enjoy school and are active in athletics. They have both been successful in wrestling, winning three state championships between them, and one national championship and a national 5th place finish as well. Their two golden retrievers (Sadie and Boomer) round out the family.

1999 has certainly been a very busy year for Lin Wang, a new Mom, a full-time postdoc, and part-time explorer of new possibilities. She really enjoys watching little Candra grow, truly amazed at how much progress she made in the first year. That's partly why she works hard to keep her own learning curve going up as well. She is taking advantage of the exciting environment for life science and biotechnology in San Diego, while exposing herself to other knowledge and experience needed in the real world. One such example is that she has been actively involved with the San Diego chapter of Association of Women in Science (AWIS). Her husband, Bin, is finishing up his solution structure determination of a fairly large protein and will soon be looking for new career opportunities such as a faculty's position.

Kurt Grunwald is now the proud father of two children. His daughter, Andrea Grace Grunwald, was born in January. Kurt is working with Scott Cooper at UW-LaCrosse and also studying Physics.

Sandy Schreyer continues her research on inflammatory cytokine contribution to obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis. She recently joined the Pathobiology faculty at the University of Washington, which has given her the opportunity to write for federally funded grants. While pleased to be given this opportunity, she openly admits that she is much happier with a pipetman in her hand than a computer keyboard. To alleviate this new stress in her life, she and her husband, Ted, have taken up a new sport: biathlon racing. This involves cross country skiing and shooting a 22 rifle at targets in the prone or standing position. What was difficult to hit inside a shooting range becomes absurdly impossible after skiing around the mountain side. She is currently working with the local biathlon group to organize a summer mountain bike biathlon (don't worry, the rifles are left at the range, we don't want anyone falling off their bikes and accidently shooting themselves). If you have any sassy comments you'd like to pass onto her, she'd love to hear from you. 

The past year was once again a crazy one for Beth Lipton's household. In late September, Beth and Bill welcomed their third child, Alison. She joins her sister Elizabeth, 10, and brother Bryn, 2. Beth has decided to take a hiatus from science and stay at home with the children for a few years. While the youngsters keep her busy, Beth still enjoys reading and keeping in touch with past labmates. Her husband, Bill, still works at Pierce Chemical Company as a Senior Research Scientist. As a family they enjoy being outdoors, especially biking and walking. They welcome all friends to visit if ever in the area.

Scott and Amy Cooper just celebrated their 5th year at UW-La Crosse. Scott's first graduate student will be finishing in May, and Scott has discovered that it's much more fun to be on the other side of the table during oral exams. Amy's sled dog kennel is now up to nine huskies. Scott continues to cross country ski in the winter and is training for an ironman.

Tom Baranski left his heart in San Francisco to return to Washington University in St. Louis where he joined the faculty in the Depts. of Medicine and Molecular Biology & Pharmacology. Tom reminisces often of his days as an undergraduate in the Attie lab--especially now that he has students in his own lab. He and his wife Karen love their jobs; Karen joined a radiology group in private practice --and the affordable housing takes some of the sting from leaving the Bay area. Katherine is now almost two years old and she keeps her parents very busy. They still enjoy riding their tandem bicycle and look forward to another trip through Provence, this time with Katherine in tow. Check out Tom's web site.

Scott Lowe and his wife Mila had their second child on October 6, 1999. Her name is Kira and she is now a calm and happy four-month-old, with two little teeth. Their first child, James, is rapidly approaching 3 years and has the remarkable capability of transforming himself into Buzz Lightyear, a Tyrannosaurus Rex, or other loud noisy beasts. Fortunately, he is quite taken with his sister, and protects her from all evil. Mila has been on maternity leave since October, but is looking forward to returning to part-time work. She continues to be the steady captain of a rather chaotic ship. Scott remains busy running an ever-growing laboratory and helping set up the new Watson School of Biological Sciences ( His lab has taken on quite an international flavor, with citizens of Taiwan, China, Lebanon, Cuba, Italy, Spain, and Germany contributing to his group. He (i.e. students and postdocs) continue to study the p53 tumor suppressor, and its action in apoptosis and senescence. Although the development of the new graduate school at CSHL has forced Scott to be more professorial, he is still widely known at the Echo Tap, and it should be noted that he took an entirely irresponsible trip to Madison for the Iowa-Wisconsin game last November. Some things never change.

Darren Fast has had another good year in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. His job as projects manager at Novopharm Biotech Inc. continues to challenge him and provide him with many opportunities for learning and developing. In addition to his job, Darren has been busy volunteering, He is on the board of directors of the Health Care Products Association of Manitoba and also on the board of the local chapter of the Project Management Institute. In his spare time he has been busy maintaining his house and has several woodworking projects underway. This spring, Darren is taking a mid-management course at the University of Manitoba. His kids, Noah and Katryna are growing up quickly. Noah started kindergarten this year and loves it. Katryna wishes that she could go to kindergarten too, but satisfies herself by memorizing pretty much everything that Noah brings home with him. Lin is working part-time at the Children's hospital doing telephone triage for the emergency department and spends most of her time with the kids.

Pat Uelmen Huey traded the dry mountains of Colorado for the fetid swamps of Georgia in September of 1999. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Research at Emory University and is more or less gainfully employed at the Atlanta VA Medical Center. She is also a visiting assistant professor at Georgia Tech, where she is teaching (gasp!) Biochemistry II during the Spring 2000 semester. Among the more notable events of 1999 were the hip replacement surgery undergone by her faithful dog Eleanor (a Charmany refugee) and the birth of James Francis Huey on February 6.

Dawn Brasaemle recently re-located to Rugers University where she is Assistant Professor of Nutrional Sciences. She is working on perilipins, proteins that bind to triglyceride droplets in adipocytes and regulate lipid storage.