Opportunities for Undergraduate U.S. Students

The Khorana Program offers opportunities for students (graduate and undergraduate) from U.S. universities to pursue a summer of research in India.

"Not only did the Khorana Program give me lab experience outside the typical on-campus lab jobs, but it gave me experience living in a professional environment in a foreign country.  I now realize that I can bring new ideas to the table due to my diverse background." – Lauren Marinaro, Khorana 2010

"The Khorana Program enhanced my resume more than I could have asked for.  Every graduate school interview I had wanted to know more about my internship experience.  I would 110% recommend the Khorana Program...It was fascinating to learn in a completely different culture and I was exposed to students from all over the world." – Erica Barts, Khorana 2010.

Students will be matched with mentors in India based on research interests.  Opportunities are available to spend a summer at an academic institution, NGO, or private company in India. Please view the list of partner institutions in India. The names of faculty members who have mentored prior Khorana Scholars are also listed.


Students in the life sciences, public health, agriculture, and engineering who are looking for an opportunity to interact and learn more about Indian culture are encouraged to apply.

Program Dates

End of May to mid-August (It is possible to arrange personal travel time before or after the program.)

Application Deadline

April 15th, 2015

Application Information

Opportunities with the Khorana Program are best for students who are not only interested in a research internship, but will also value the opportunity to travel to India and interact with and learn about the culture.

Students wishing to apply should submit a completed application (see below) by the April 15th, 2015 deadline. Late applications will not be considered.

2015 Application Form

Contact Information

All questions can be directed to http://www.khorana.org/contact. Interested individuals are invited to discuss the Khorana Program with Khorana administrators.  You may also wish to visit the website of locations you are interested in to learn more about possible projects and faculty.

Previous Khorana Program Administrators

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Email: info@winstepforward.org

University of Illinois,

Andrea Wagner awagne@illinois.edu
(217) 244-5771
International Programs and Studies
507 E. Green St, Ste. 410

Indiana University

Anthony Koliha akoliha@indiana.edu
Kirkwood Hall 104, 130 S. Woodlawn Avenue
Phone: (812) 855-5486

University of Iowa

Fran Boyken frances-boyken@uiowa.edu
(319) 335-0353
International Programs
 1111 University Capitol Centre

University of Michigan

Sandra Gregerman   sgreger@umich.edu
(734) 615-9000
Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program
1190 Undergraduate Science Building

Michigan State

BhanuShri Sisodia sisodia@msu.edu
(517) 402-6964
A-608 Wells Hall

University of Minnesota

Adam Pagel  pagel@umn.edu
(612) 624-8013
148 Shepherd Labs

Georgetown University

Phil Thomas pt73@georgetown.edu
Phone: (202) 687-7583
Office of the Provost