Partner Institutions in India

U.S. Khorana Scholars will have the opportunity to pursue summer research at the following institutions. If faculty members at participating U.S. Universities have collaborations with other Indian Institutions that are not on this list, we will work with you to help place your students at these collaborating Indian Institutions.

Indian Khorana Scholars DO NOT need to be enrolled in one of these institutions to apply for a Khorana Scholarship.  We welcome applicants from all institutions in India.

Please do not directly contact these institutions.  Khorana Program administrators will connect accepted scholars with suitable hosting institutions in India.


  • Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (C-STEP), Bangalore
    Focal Area: Engineering
  • Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (Foundation for the Revitalization of Local Health Traditions), Bangalore
    Focal Areas: Medicine, Traditional Medicine
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Science Research, Bangalore
    Focal Areas: Engineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Evolutionary and Organismal Biology
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore
    Focal Areas: IT, Software Engineering, Computer Science
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
    Prior Mentors: Vijaya Satchidanandam, Sudhakar Rao, Dipankar Chatterji
    Focal Areas: Biological Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Electrical Sciences, Mechanical Sciences, Mathematical & Physical Sciences, Earth & Environmental Sciences
  • International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore
    Focal Areas: IT, Software Engineering, Computer Science
  • Institute for Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine (Part of NCBS), Bangalore
    Focal Areas: Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Research
  • National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
    Focal Areas: Engineering and Computer Science related to flight
  • National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore
    Prior Mentors: Mrinalini Puranik, Veronica Rodrigues, Vijay Raghavan, M.K. Mathews
    Focal Areas: Biochemistry, Genetics, Neurobiology, Ecology and Evolution
  • Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
    Focal Areas: Astronomy & Astrophysics, Light & Matter Physics, Theoretical Physics
  • University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore
    Focal Areas: Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology & Food Science


  • Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune
    Focal Areas: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
  • National Aids Research Institute, Pune
    Focal Areas: AIDS research in Virology, Immunology, Microbiology, Clinical Research, Epidemiology, Field Trials, and Social/Behavioral Research
  • National Center for Cell Science, Pune
    Focal Areas: Cancer Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Genomics, and Proteomics
  • National Chemical Laboratory, Pune
    Focal Areas: Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology
  • Symbiosis, Pune
    Focal Areas: Management, Law, Mass Communications


  • Central Food Technological Research Institute, Hyderabad
    Focal Areas: Biochemistry, Nutrition, Bioengineering, Food Science and Technology
  • Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad
    Focal Areas: Biochemistry, Genetics, Evolution, Cellular/Molecular Biology, Infectious Diseases
  • Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad
    Focal Areas: Genetics, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology
  • Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad
    Focal Areas: Agrochemicals, Natural Products Chemistry, Energy, Engineering
  • LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad
    Focal Areas: Clinical Research in Genetics, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Microbiology, Vision Optics, and Epidemiology
    Prior Mentor: Dr. D. Balasubramanian
  • University of Hyderabad
    Focal Areas: Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology


  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
    Focal Areas: Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
  • Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi
    Focal Areas: Genomics and Molecular Medicine, Respiratory Disease Biology, Energy and Environmental Biotechnology
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi
    Focal Areas: Biotechnology, Computer Science, Life & Physical Sciences, Molecular Medicine
  • National Institute for Plant Genome Research (NIPGR), New Delhi
    Focal Area: Plant Genomic Research
  • National Institute of Immunology, Delhi
    Focal Area: Immunology
  • The Energy and Research Institute, Delhi
    Focal Areas: Energy, Climate Change, Sustainable Development, Natural Resource Management
  • University of Delhi, South Campus, Delhi
    Focal Areas: Biochemistry, Biophysics, Genetics, Electronic Science, Microbiology, Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology


  • List to be developed

Prior Relationships but outside the 5 primary cities

  • Punjab Agriculture University, Punjab
    Focal Areas: Agriculture, Horticulture
  • Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
    Focal Area: Medicine
    Prior Mentor: Dr. Neeta Kang