Expense Reimbursement

UW-Madison Accounting Services offers two web-based systems to enter your expenses for reimbursement.  Please see the Accounting Services Expense Reimbursement page for more information on the tools available and to submit your expenses for reimbursement.

Other Helpful InformationResponsibilities of Traveler (UW Employee)Responsibilities of Alternate

Other Helpful Information

  • Fill in all parts of the general information section of the report.
  • The comment field should include the full name of the conference or full description of the business purpose, the dates of the conference or business event (not including travel dates), the date and time that you left Madison for travel, the date and time you returned to Madison from travel, and any other important information regarding your travel (e.g. whether registration was included, personal days, etc.).
  • Meals are claimed per day, rather than by meal.
  • Lodging is claimed for the total amount of lodging paid at the end of the stay, not per night.
  • Receipts are required for expenses over $25 and meals exceeding limits. Receipts must be received by department approver before expense approval can proceed.
  • There are two levels of electronic approval required before payment can be made. The Approver is typically at the department level; the Auditor is typically at the Division/Dean level.
  • Payment for employees is made by electronic direct deposit to the traveler’s payroll checking account and to the traveler’s corporate card account.  Payment is made within 5 business days after the expense report is fully approved by all levels on campus.  Payment for non-employees is distributed by check to the address designated by the traveler and will be made within 2 weeks after the expense report is fully approved by all levels on campus.

Responsibilities of Traveler (UW Employee)

  • Know and comply with UW System travel policies.  Provide proper documentation (i.e., receipts) of expenses.
  • Review Acknowledgement and Statement of Accountability.
  • Submit actual costs personally incurred.
  • As an employee, understand that expense reports must be submitted by the traveler(employee) and not by a proxy (alternate) on behalf of the traveler. 
  • Submit expense reports within 60 days.
  • Notify alternates of any communication received (e.g., e-mail notification) that requires additional action.

Responsibilities of Alternate

  • A Traveler (UW employee) may choose to assign an Alternate by Delegating Entry Authority to a designated employee. 
  • An Alternate can prepare expense reports for a Traveler (UW employee) but can never submit expense reports for a traveler. 
  • After preparing an expense report for a traveler (UW employee), the Alternate will notify the traveler that it is ready for submission. 
  • An Alternate can also create and submit non-employee expense reports on behalf of non-employee visitors/travelers.