Enter your Procard order and upload all supporting documentation into BPS as soon as you place the order.

Questions about Purchasing Cards should be directed to Kelli Graber, Site Manager

How to use the Purchasing CardCardholder ResponsibilitiesStandard DocumentationRecord Retention
Resolving Errors, Disputes, Returns and CreditsCard SecurityIf a Card is Lost or StolenCard Renewal

How to use the Purchasing Card

Determine the appropriate vendor for the materials/service desired.

Give the vendor your Purchasing Card number and expiration date, or present the card at the point of sale.

Use your department address (as submitted on the Cardholder Account Setup Form) as the shipping and billing address.

Provide the vendor with the State of Wisconsin tax exempt number (ES 40706). If the vendor requests written proof of tax exempt status, fax a copy of the University of Wisconsin Tax Exempt Certificate.

Exception: Services/supplies utilized out of state may be taxable. A list of states with Sales and Use Tax Exemptions can be found on the web.

Cardholder Responsibilities

Order necessary services and supplies in accordance with the UW - Madison Purchasing Services Purchasing Policies and Procedures and all extramural funding agency restrictions.

Ensure appropriate receipt of materials and services and follow-up with the vendor to resolve any discrepancies.

Maintain all receipts, invoices, packing slips, order confirmation screens, etc. (See source documentation qualifications listed below.)

Compare your documentation with the purchases listed on your bi-weekly Statement of Account Report. If there are any discrepancies, note them on the Statement and take the appropriate steps to resolve them.

After reconciling your purchases, attach the documentation to the back of the Statement of Account Report and forward the packet to your site manager.

Be prepared for random audits reviewing card activity and documentation retention.

Standard Documentation

Required documentation includes at least one of the following:

  • Invoice
  • Packing Slip
  • Order/Confirmation Screen
  • Cash Register Receipt
  • Registration Form

Phone/Fax Orders

Attach the enclosed packing slip or invoice when the merchandise is received. Although the packing slip often times does not have the price of the item included, it is still considered to be acceptable source documentation. The invoice is preferred over the packing slip and should be attached to the statement if the vendor encloses it in the shipment.

Internet Orders

Print and attach a copy of the order screen or confirmation screen. The confirmation screen, if available, is preferred over the order screen.

Pick Up Orders

Attach the cash register receipt. If the itemized detail is not on the receipt, write it in by hand.

Subscriptions and Memberships

The same subscription, membership or registration cannot be paid twice in one fiscal year

The subscription or membership must be mailed to a UW address

Is generally not an allowable purchase from grant funds.

Record Retention

The supporting documentation is the official record for the Purchasing Card transactions and must be retain by the department/site manager for seven years. The site manager is responsible for record retention and ensuring documentation is available for reviews/audits.

Resolving Errors, Disputes, Returns and Credits

Follow-up with the vendor on any erroneous charges, disputed items or returns as soon as possible.

Any item that is returned must be returned for credit. Do not accept a refund in cash or in-store credit for another purchase.

If the cardholder is unable to reach an agreement with the vendor, the Dispute Form should be used to dispute the charge through the bank. The completed form should be faxed to Élan Financial Services and the Purchasing Card Program Office. Élan must receive the Dispute Form within 60 days of the date of the transaction.

All fraudulent charges must be reported immediately to US Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696.

All errors, disputes, returns, fraud and pending credits should be noted on the source documentation.

Card Security

Store your card in a locked cabinet or desk drawer when not in use.

Protect your card if you are carrying it on your person or in your purse/wallet.

If a Card is Lost or Stolen

Immediately notify US Bank (800) 344-5696, University Police and Security (608) 262-2957, and Accounting Services (608) 265-9800.

Card Renewal

Your card will automatically be renewed and mailed to your campus address at the end of the month preceding the expiration date embossed on the current card.