Orders Over $5,000

Orders over $5,000 are treated differently based on whether the vendor is on contract with the State or UW. They are also treated differently based on the dollar amount of the purchase.

There are six main categories:

No Bid Purchases from $5,000-$25,000

The State of Wisconsin can waive the bidding process if it is determined, and justified, that competitive bidding is neither practical on a given procurement, nor in the best interest of the University. A waiver of the bidding process may be requested on a case by case basis by submitting a completed Non-Competitive Purchase Request form with the requisition.

Place the order in BPS and attach the Non Competitive Purchase Request Form

No Bid Purchases over $25,000

For transactions $25,000.00 and above, Wisconsin law stipulates only the Governor may waive the competitive process.

NOTE: When requesting a non-competitive purchase over $25,000.00, additional information and justification may be required by UW-Madison Purchasing Services, UW System Administration, the State Bureau of Procurement or the Governor's staff may ask for additional information during the process. Unless an emergency situation exists, a Governor's waiver takes from 6 to 8 weeks to be approved or denied. Use the competitive process whenever possible to minimize delays.

Enter the order in BPS and attach the Non-Competitive Purchase Request

On Contract Purchases from $5,000-$100,000

First you need to determine if the company you wish to order from is on contract.  You can check to see if the company you are ordering from is on contract at this website:

Search All UW-Madison, UW System, and State (DOA) Purchasing Contracts

If the company you are ordering from is on contract with the UW or State for the items you need, then all that is required to place the order is a quote from that company.

Blanket orders can also be used if the order is for consumables only.

Enter the order on BPS and attach the quote as a PDF file.

On Contract Purchases over $100,000

If the purchase exceeds approximately $100,000 the order might need to go out on bid. This is not determined by the department. With these orders we are required to consult with Purchasing Services and they decide if the order needs to go out on bid, and it is up to UW Purchasing Services’ discretion to decide.

Enter the order into BPS attach the quote as a PDF file.

Not On Contract Purchases from $5,000-$100,000

Purchases between $5,000 and $25,000 that are to a non-contracted vendor can be done with a simplified bid. This will require obtaining quotes from at least three companies. The order will go to the company with the lowest price.

Price quotes may be obtained through the following methods:

  • Current price lists
  • Advertisements
  • Telephone or verbal quotes
  • Facsimile quotations
  • Email quotes
  • Written bids
  • Previous quotes on file

Vendors contacted for price quotes must be documented.

Collect the following information using the Simplified Bid Summary Sheet:

  • Supplier/company name
  • Order address
  • First and last name of person giving the quote
  • Date and/or number of current price list used
  • Date of quote
  • Unit price
  • Extended price
  • Lot total where designated
  • Freight costs if not included in price
  • Payment terms (i.e., net 30, 2% 10/N30)
  • Delivery date or calendar days until delivery from when supplier receives your order (i.e., 3 weeks after receipt of order (ARO)
  • Designation of Minority Business and/or Sheltered Workshop

Enter the order into BPS and attach 3 quotes as PDF files.

Not On Contract Purchases over $25,000

Biochemistry will need to Contact a Purchasing Agent to begin the process. We will need to provide the following information along with the requisition for purchases of goods or services at $25,000 or over.

  • Bid specifications (generic description of what it is you want to buy)
  • Special conditions of bid (e.g., delivery time, bidder qualifications, warranty requirements)
  • A list of potential bidders (if available)
  • Literature (pamphlets, etc), if available
  • Suggested method of award (e.g., life-cycle costing - considering costs over the lifetime of the contract)

Official Sealed Bids and Contracts must be advertised in the official state newspaper [The Wisconsin State Journal]. Purchasing Services mails the request for bids to potential bidders who then submit sealed bid responses to our office. Purchasing Services opens the bids at a specified date and time and will notify your department business manager of the bid results. After reviewing the bid results, the award is made to the bidder(s) meeting all the specifications with the lowest price. Changes in a bid specification or bidder's response which may infringe on the rights of other bidders or the University cannot be made after bid opening. Intended awards, for services only, may be protested by unsuccessful bidders.