Blanket Purchase Orders

A Contract Blanket Order is issued to establish an account with a specific external vendor for the purchase of specified commodities based on a competitive bid, or for items determined to be exempt from competition by the authority of a waiver.

Blanket orders are created as a way for some labs to place some of their own orders.

Order information and documentation must still be placed in BPS, and the blanket purchase order number should be referenced.

Blanket POs are specifically tied to one funding source and one vendor.

Once a blanket order is created, a specific “PO number” is associated with that blanket, vendor and the fund that was used to set up the blanket.

To place an order with a blanket PO number, simply provide the PO number to the vendor.

Designate billing to be sent to Accounts Payable at 21 N Park Street Suite 5301 Madison, WI 53715.

Accounts Payable receives the bill, then cuts a check to the company for the amount invoiced. The expense will be charged to the fund that is associated with that PO.

You can only purchase commodities covered by the account code (i.e. a supply blanket order cannot be used to purchase equipment).

There is no dollar limit per transaction unless stipulated in the referenced contract, waiver or bulletin.

Blanket orders are NOT issued for printing except for allowable items under the $50 per transaction.

Important: Blanket purchase orders can only span over 12 months! The blanket order numbers have expiration dates and change every 12 months after they are created.  If you are unsure if your PO number is valid, ALWAYS contact Purchasing at