Academic Services Orders

Some services provided by independent contractors represent unique talents needed by the UW-Madison on a temporary basis to fulfill its mission of instruction, research and public service and may preclude the opportunity of competition. The need for a unique service is dependent upon the judgment of qualified professionals in UW-Madison departments.

These specialized academic support services may be provided by an individual professional or group of professionals, a hospital, a school district, a clinic, a business, a non-profit organization or another entity may be available to provide the unique set of qualifications to accomplish the instruction, research or public service mission. Independent contractors may also include instructors, guest lecturers, consultants, athletic event officials and contest judges. Academic Service Orders cannot be used if the provider is a university employee.

Transactions for less than $5,000Transactions for more than $5,000

Transactions less than $5,000

Departments may use either a Payment to Individual Report (PIR) or requisition for transactions $5,000 or less. The transaction amount is based on the total compensation, i.e., fee, lodging, meals, travel, etc., regardless of whether it is paid directly to the individual or on their behalf.

Departments are encouraged to have the provider sign an ASSA/contract to protect the University from any liability issues or to spell out specific arrangements between the provider and the Department. Department users are reminded that they are not authorized to sign these agreements and they must be sent through Purchasing Services for review and signature.

Transactions over $5,000

If an academic support service costs $5,000 or more (excluding itemized travel) per year, a Purchase (or Purchases) of Services Justification form must be prepared, signed by the provider and signed/executed by the Director of Purchasing Services.

Departments must also submit a Sub-Award Determination Questionnaire, a Contract Details form, a Sole Source Justification form and any additional supporting documentation.