Usernames & Passwords

Biochemistry is in the process of mirgrating from departmental usernames and passwords to NetID based authentication.  During this migration users will need to use the correct account to access each individual system.  Biochemistry IT is working to make this transition as seamless as possible.  Please reference this page if you have any doubts on which username & password combination you should be using to connect.

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Services & Authentication Types

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Departmental computers must be migrated or rebuilt to access authentication.  Biochemistry IT is working with labs and users to schedule migrations and rebuilds of computers to authentication.  Any newly deployed computers will automatically be configured for the new authentication method.

It is relatively easy to identify which username & password combination you need to use by looking at the logon window of any departmental machine.  Please reference the information below to determine which username & password you should use on various computers.

Mac OS X

The logon window of any current Macintosh departmental computer will say which username and password you should use to logon.


The login windows of current Windows departmental computers will vary in ways that make it fairly easy to identify which username & password you should use.

  • If the login window says "Sign in to: AD" or "Log on to: AD" then you should use your to authenticate.  
  • If the logon window has a picture of Bucky in a lab coat and says "Login with your Biochemistry Username and Password" then you should use your Biochem username & password.


Departmental Linux machines that are configured to use NetID will display text on the screen that says, "Please log in with your".  To logon to these computers you must enter your username in the format requested ( is the domain the computers are logging into and is correct for all users).

All other Linux machines should continue to use what ever logon information they were using before.

Password Changes

Password changes for both Biochem and NetID usernames should be changed in the same ways they were before.  For reference links are provided here as well.  Please note that if you change your password on either system each computer you use must be connected to the campus network before it will recognize your new password.

Website Tips

Any Biochemistry website that has migrated to NetID authentication will use the UW website for authentication.  The login page should appear the same as the login page for other UW websites such as, Learn@UW, etc.  If you see that login page you should login with your NetID.  If a website used your Biochem username and password for login previously and does not show the login page you should continue to use your Biochem username and password.

DoIT provides a document explaining how to verify the page is valid.  Please read through this guide if you aren't sure how to check to make sure the website you are visiting is the one you think it is.

One major advantage of this migration is that if you have logged in on one website you shouldn't need to login to visit another site.  For example, if you've already logged into and then visit the Biochemistry website you'll already be logged in once the migration is complete.