Available Software

As a member of the Biochemistry Department and UW-Madison, you have access to an array of licensed software and substantial discounts to purchase software yourself.

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UW-Madison requires all faculty, staff, and students to install and use antivirus software on all devices connecting to the campus network. This software is provided free of charge. NetID login is required.  Please visit the Campus Software Library to access the provided antivirus software.

Campus Software

UW-Madison has licensed a variety of software that is provided at no-charge.  Some software in the Campus Software Library is available for all computers, other software can only be installed only on UW-owned computers.  For more information and access to UW licensed software visit the DoIT Software page.

Workspace One Hub

The Workspace One Hub is installed on all departmentally managed computers to offer end-users the ability to add software without the need for a local administrator account. The App library is continuing to grow and should be the first place you check for software.

You can find the Hub on both Mac and Windows computers.

On Windows search for "Hub" in the Start menu, by opening the menu and typing "hub". It should be the second result:

On Mac, you can find the Workspace One app in the Applications directory:

Once the Hub launches (it can take up to 5 seconds to load) choose the "Apps" in the left column to browse the App Library.

Departmental Software

The Biochemistry Department has licensed software for use by Biochemistry users to assist you in your research. These programs are only available to current members of the department of Biochemistry.

EndNote - (Biochem username/password required)
Note: There may be updates for EndNote available after the install.  Please check for updates!

EndNote syncs all your citations, attachments, reference groups and annotations so you have access anywhere, anytime.

Lasergene - (Biochem username/password required)

DNASTAR Lasergene provides all the software you need for clinical research, genomics, structural biology, and evolutionary biology research.

Whether your work focuses on next-gen sequencing assembly and analysis, clinical research, or traditional sequence analysis, the DNASTAR Lasergene package will meet your research needs.

SBGrid - (Biochem username/password required)

The SBGrid team installs and maintains a collection of 270+ structural biology applications on Linux and OS X computers in your laboratory (including laptops). A few commercial applications are also supported, including Geneious for cloning and bioinformatics, incentive builds for PyMOL, and for North American labs, the Schrodinger Small-Molecule Drug Discovery Suite. Members access a complete execution environment that includes the suite of structural biology applications preconfigured to run without any additional settings. Applications can be invoked from the shell prompt; there is no need to set up additional variables, change your path environment, or install supporting applications.

Other software is available for UW-owned computers.  Biochem IT can install the following software on UW-owned computers (there may be additional restrictions).

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • GE Healthcare ImageQuant TL

Apple App Store Purchases

Biochem IT, Purchasing and the Biochem Office have developed a method to purchase applications for Apple Macintosh and iOS devices using your lab's funding. The purchases are handled through the Biochem Storeroom and can be accomplished using the following process.

  1. Locate the App you are interested in purchasing in the iOS App Store using iTunes. 
  2. Click the arrow next to the App's Price and choose "Copy Link". 
  3. Open a ticket in the Help Desk with a Request Type of IT Request - iOS App Quote.
  4. Paste the link address you copied into this ticket along with the application name and quantity you wish to purchase.

The Storeroom price will be determined and sent back to you in the ticket. Once you have this information, you place an order in BPS (with Purchasing) with "Biochem App Store" as the vendor. After the order is placed in BPS, IT is notified and will purchase the Application. Once the purchase has been completed you will be sent a redemption code that will allow you to download the application in the App Store on the device or from within iTunes.