Eligibility for Principal Investigator Status

The term Principal Investigator (PI) is used to identify a researcher with primary responsibility for a research project.

This responsibility includes both leadership of the scientific/technical aspects of the project and compliance with the financial and administrative aspects of the award. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to serve as sponsored project PIs. In Biochemistry, a non-faculty scientist/researcher may apply for one-time limited PI status.

The following conditions must be met

  • The One-Time Limited PI Status Request Form must be completed and signed by the PI and the PI’s mentor, and returned to Kris Turkow.
    • The PI’s mentor must agree to pay 3-5% of the researcher’s salary on a non restricted source to comply with effort policies.
    • The PI’s mentor must agree to provide space and resources for the project’s duration.
    • The PI’s mentor must assume responsibility for any staff supported on this funding.
    • The PI applicant must adhere to the roles and responsibilities as a PI on a sponsored project, including monitoring all costs for allowability, reporting and closeout.

The signed and completed form must be returned along with a copy of the non-faculty scientist/researcher's CV or biosketch.  A faculty vote will be taken at the department level, and if approved, the Chair will sign off and the request will be sent to CALS for approval.

Please allow approximately 1 ½ weeks for this process once the CV/biosketch and Limited PI Status Request Form are received.  This process should be initiated well in advance of the proposal deadline.