Eligibility for Principal Investigator Status

The term Principal Investigator (PI) is used to identify a researcher with primary responsibility for a research project.

This responsibility includes both leadership of the scientific/technical aspects of the project and compliance with the financial and administrative aspects of the award. Tenured and tenure-track faculty are eligible to serve as sponsored project PIs. In Biochemistry, a non faculty scientist/researcher may apply for one time limited PI status.

The following conditions must be met

  • The One-Time Limited PI Status Request Form must be completed and signed by the PI and the PI’s mentor, and returned to Cathy Michael.
  • The PI’s mentor must agree to pay 3-5% of the researcher’s salary on a non restricted source to comply with effort policies.
  • The PI’s mentor must agree to provide space and resources for the project’s duration.
  • The PI’s mentor must assume responsibility for any staff supported on this funding.
  • The PI applicant must adhere to the roles and responsibilities as a PI on a sponsored project, including monitoring all costs for allowability, reporting and closeout.

The signed and completed form must be completed and approved by the Biochemistry and CALS prior to the proposal submission date.