Forms & Documents

Below is a list of helpful forms for proposal and budget development. Please navigate through the list for helpful links. 

Effort Change Template

Please use the Cost Sharing and Commitment Update Form for guidance on changing effort on a project or award. These forms can be routed through your Dean's office and then sent to the agency for processing.

Intent to Establish Consortium

The Statement of Intent to Establish a Consortium is now certified by the signature of the authorized organizational official on the face page of the application. This signature certifies that the applicant and all proposed consortium participants agree to the following statement:

“The appropriate programmatic and administrative personnel of each organization involved in this grant application are aware of the NIH consortium agreement policy and are prepared to establish the necessary inter-organizational agreement(s) consistent with that policy."

Although completion of the individual form is no longer necessary, if you receive a special request for the form, go to: Intent to Establish a Consortium Agreement.

NIH Modular Spreadsheet

Please use the NIH Modular Spreadsheet for NIH Modular budgets. Modular budgets are applicable to certain research grant applications requisitions $250,000 or less per year in direct costs. Modular budgets are simplified and a detailed justification is not required for submission. Modules are determined in $25,000 increments. There maybe in a request for an addition $250,000 in certain circumstances.  The NIH Modular Spreadsheet Instructions are also available.

Budget Justification Template

​Please use the R&R Budget Justification for budgets of more than $250,000 in annual direct costs.  Please use the Modular Budget Justification template for NIH Modular budgets.

No-Cost Extension

Please follow the instructions on RSP’s No-Cost Extension Request Procedures page. A No-Cost Extension Letter Template can be found, there. The request will be routed internally using WISPER to the appropriate parties at time of completion. Please give your Dean's office and RSP 90 days before the end of the award for processing and approval.

UW Standard Budget Spreadsheet

Instructions for the use of the UW Standard Budget Spreadsheet are available. Please contact the departmental pre-award staff to begin preparation of your budget.

PHS Assignment Request Form

The PHS Assignment Request Form may be used to communicate specific application assignment and review requests to the Division of Receipt and Referral (DRR) and to Scientific Review Officers (SROs) for NIH grants. NIH Institutes/Centers (ICs) are the funding components of NIH. Information on these ICs are available are available on the NIH PHS Assignment Information page.

Additional Forms

The Research and Sponsored Programs Forms page has an extensive list of forms and documents. The forms and documents listed above are the ones that are most commonly used.