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Sponsored Research Agreements

Fixed Price Agreement

  • Projects that have a total budget which is accepted by both parties, regardless of the actual costs incurred by the UW.
  • The parties have an agreed upon payment schedule based either on milestones or dates.
    • UW prefers 60,30,10 split
  • The funds are nonrefundable.
  • The sponsor does not require a financial report of how the UW spends the project budget

Cost Reimbursement Agreement

  • Projects that have a budget accepted by both parties based on the actual expenses incurred by the UW.
  • Payment is based on invoices, financial reports or both which show expenses incurred by the UW during the project.
  • If the UW does not spend up to the approved budget, we do not receive all the funds.

UW Standard Research Agreement (SRA)

  • Developed by the UW for industrial sponsored research, but can be used for any sponsor.
  • Use of this agreement, without alteration, eliminates the need for negotiation between the UW and the sponsor.
  • Often used as a template to initiate the negotiation process.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA)

  • A sponsor pays the UW to test the safety or efficacy of a treatment which could include a drug, device, diagnostic or procedure on humans.
  • Usually driven by FDA regulatory requirements. (Phase I, II, III, IV)
  • Not all human subjects’ research is a clinical trial.

Fee for Service

Fee for Service is NOT RESEARCH

  • Routine work with minimal intellectual input
    • Execution of a pre-defined or repetitive process
    • Production of a product that meets pre-defined specifications
    • Does not involve the creation or dissemination of new knowledge, or scientific advancement in a field
  • Standard pricing system
  • Personnel-in-training (graduate students) not involved
  • Contract Terms and Conditions
    • No publication of the results
    • Results are generally kept confidential
    • No retention of the ownership of data
  • Requirements
    • 136 account established at UW
    • Pricing covers costs
    • Accounting procedures are auditable
    • Work scope and budget must match

Other Common Agreements


  • A type of funding mechanism awarded to the UW for the conduct of research or other programs as specified in an approved proposal
  • A grant is used whenever the awarding office anticipates no substantial programmatic involvement with the UW during the performance of the activities


There are five requirements that make an amount of money a gift.

  • Supports broadly defined activities
  • No detailed technical reports required
  • No rights to Intellectual Property claimed by donor
  • No restrictions on publication or use of results
  • Irrevocable