UW Annual Reports

UW Foundation

The University of Wisconsin Foundation engages those who care about the University of Wisconsin, provides opportunities to enhance its teaching, research and outreach programs, and guarantees ethical stewardship of the gifts received.

The return on an investment in the university is far-reaching and never-ending. This annual report on stewardship contains stories that illustrate the impact of your gifts and recognizes the critical role you play in the future of the university. It also describes the Foundation’s investment strategy and performance.

Please see the UW Foundation Annual Report page for the most current information.

Academic Planning and Institutional Research Data Digest

The main purpose of the Data Digest is to provide comprehensive quantitative information on the major dimensions of the university, including students, faculty, staff, and budget. The Data Digest also provides official numbers. While it is possible to measure many of the attributes of the university in a variety of different ways, depending on different definitions. However, the official numbers and definitions are often an important point of reference. The Data Digest is published annually, around March of each year.