No-Cost Extensions

No-Cost Extensions can be granted by a sponsor to allow project directors more time to meet their objectives. A no-cost extension must be requested in advance of the end date of the award based on agency requirements.

The CALS Research Division provides more detailed information on No-Cost Extension guidelines, the request process and resources at their No-Cost Extensions page.  A Microsoft Word template for a No-Cost Extension Request is available at the bottom of the No-Cost Extension link page.

Reconcilers will work to get the requests completed usually ~ the last 90 days of the current award.

  1. Reconcilers to create the NCE document with the grant info, effort info, and expected remaining budget to be sent to PI
  2. Reconcilers will create WISPER record, selecting NoCostExt document type.
  3. Complete Basic Info, Submission Instructions, and Compliance sections of the General tab in WISPER.
  4. Under the Attachments tab, upload the no-cost extension request letter.

Reconcilers will Route the WISPER record to 07-CALS.