Final Progress Report & Final Invention Statement

Three (3) documents are required within ninety (90) days after the end of the project period:

Both the Final Progress Report and the Final Invention Statement can be submitted online through the NIH website eRA Commons ( This is NIH’s preferred method of submission. There is no need to follow-up with a hard copy.

Once logged in to Commons, there will be a series of tabs at the top, select "Status". A list of the PI’s grants will appear. Each year will have its own entry. There will be a “Requires Closeout" link on the right hand side of the grant that has termed. This link will bring you to the Closeout module. The Closeout Module will allow you to upload the final progress report and complete the online final invention statement. RSP will upload and submit the Financail Status Report (FSR).

This is the screen in eRA Commons you'll use to access the project closeout:

eRA Commons Project Closeout Screen

Final Progress Report

The final progress report is uploaded as a PDF. There are no form pages, except for an inclusion enrollment table reflecting final number of subjects enrolled if the grant involved human subjects (

It should include at a minimum:

  • A cover page identifying the grant number, title, project period and, of course, the name of the PI;
  • A summary statement of progress toward the achievement of the originally stated aims;
  • A list of results (positive or negative) considered significant;
  • And a list of publications resulting from the project as well as plans for further publications.

There are no page limits. For the publications, if published in publicly available journals, you may provide the url and/or the pub med citation number only instead of uploading a complete copy of the publication (if you prefer though, you may certainly include a complete copy). The publications can also serve as the actual progress report with just a very brief written report.

RSP's review or signature is not required on the final progress report. Once uploaded in Commons, it automatically goes to NIH.

***Be careful, once a file is uploaded, you cannot remove it and re-upload a revised file so make sure it is the correct final version of the progress report.***

Final Invention Statement

You can find the NIH Final Invention Statement form here.

As for the final invention statement, if there are no inventions to report, insert the word NONE into question B and upload the PDF form. Once you have done so, RSP will get an automated email requesting their approval (the final invention statement does require RSP's electronic confirmation). If there are any inventions to report, say "yes" to the first question and complete the form and upload.

Financial Status Report

The FSR will be submitted by RSP once they have received the completed Report of Expenditures (ROE) from the department.