Evacuation Plan

In case of fire or situations requiring evacuation--pull fire alarm--this notifies UW Police and the Madison Fire Department. Then, if time allows, call Police & Security at 911 with details. Evacuate promptly whenever alarm sounds.

DIAL 911

When evacuating, use stairways, never elevators as these do not function normally in the event of a fire.

  • Close doors and windows of rooms as you leave. This will isolate and contain the fire. Doors need not be locked; lights can be left on.
  • If a stairway contains smoke or fumes use an alternate stairway exit. 

Be familiar with the location of all exits and fire extinguishers.

After evacuating building, move more than 100 feet away from the building to allow room for others to get out, for fire fighters to get in and to avoid smoke, fire and debris.

The best place to wait is in Lot 40 or Henry Mall!

Wait until the Madison Fire Department incident commander gives permission to re-enter the building.

Evacuation drills will be conducted annually.