Safety Resources

Numerous resources, both on campus and in the Madison community, are available to students, faculty and staff interested in crime prevention and information, counseling or victim's assistance.

Campus Safety Resources | Community Resources

Campus Safety Resources


The UW–Madison campus can be considered a “city within a city.” The UW Police Department provides complete law enforcement services to the campus. Its staff of sworn officers is authorized to enforce all state laws and rules of the Board of Regents.

Division of Student Life

The Division of Student Life plays an important role in promoting diversity and campus climate, providing student support and crisis services, and advocating for student leadership and engagement. Its activities include promoting safety education and governing student conduct.

Dean of Students Office

The staff of the Dean of Students Office unit of the Division of Student Life have two primary responsibilities. First, to provide assistance and support services to students and the University community. The second is to manage the University’s academic and nonacademic misconduct systems.

Conduct on University Lands

This comprehensive document, also known as UWS 18, provides the UW System statutes for all behavior on university property. Regulations address topics ranging from traffic rules and criminal behavior to ticket scalping and distribution of political materials.

SAFE Nighttime Services

SAFE (Safe Arrival For Everyone) Nighttime Services is the university's comprehensive late-night transportation system, available to students, faculty, staff and university guests. The goal of SAFE is to promote personal and community safety through offering a safe means of nighttime transportation and educating the UW community on matters of nighttime safety.

University Health Services Counseling Services

Resources provided by UHS include 24-hour crisis intervention, suicide prevention, individual psychotherapy consultations, alcohol/tobacco/drug abuse services, group counseling and relationship support.

UHS Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention

UHS Victim Advocacy & Violence Prevention is dedicated to preventing violence before it happens and helping address the needs of victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking after it happens.

Employee Assistance Office

The EAO is a resource for university employees, their immediate family members and significant others who find it difficult to successfully cope with personal or work-related issues and concerns. Services are confidential and available at no cost.

UWPD Sex Offender Registration Information

The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act provides for the tracking of convicted sex offenders enrolled at or employed by institutions of higher education. Information on this site is supplied by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.

BADGER Beat Newsletter

BADGEr Beat is an outreach newsletter published monthly by the UW Police Department (UWPD) to promote cooperative relationships between UWPD and members of the campus community.

PAVE (Promoting Awareness and Victim Empowerment)

PAVE is a prevention-centered student organization dedicated to preventing sexual and dating violence through education and activism, reaching students through peer education, campus outreach and public campaigns to raise awareness.

The UW–Madison Parent Program

This site assists parents in learning more about health, wellness and safety resources available to their student. In addition, this site outlines rules about obtaining student medical information (per FERPA and HIPAA regulations).

Campus Moped Parking Policy

Mopeds are a popular and convenient form of local transportation. Before bringing a moped to campus, riders should become familiar with campus Moped / Motor Scooter Parking Policy.

Community Resources

City of Madison Police Department


Madison Police Incident Reports


Dane County Rape Crisis Center

The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) offers support and information for anyone who has experienced past or recent sexual assault. All services are confidential. RCC also provides ongoing school and community training to aid in sexual assault prevention.

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services

Domestic Abuse Intervention Services offers a 24-hour crisis line, a 25-bed safe house for women and their children, legal advocacy, support groups, information and referrals.

Chimera Self-Defense

Women and girls of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can learn verbal assertiveness skills and physical techniques to reduce the risk of harassment and assault. Several courses are offered on campus throughout the semester; student discounts are available.