Biosafety Protocol - ARROW

As a major research institution, the UW-Madison provides assurances that its sponsored research activities are in compliance with state and federal regulations and guidelines. In this context, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) reviews research activities involving biologically hazardous materials and/or recombinant DNA molecules/organisms.

Does Your Research Need a Biosafety Protocol?

The Office of Biological Safety and the IBC are in the process of transitioning paper Biosafety Protocols into Bio-ARROW, the online Biosafety Protocol Form. The transition, which began in September of 2014, is occurring in stages, with some protocols transitioning now and others at a later date. Please see the information below to determine when your protocol will transition to the online Bio-ARROW form.

For more detailed information on when you will need to transition to Bio-ARROW, how to get started, Bio-ARROW login and  help, please visit the Environment, Health & Safety Bio Protocol - ARROW page.