Accident Reporting

The safety of every student, visitor, and employee is a primary consideration in every University activity. Each person who is responsible for students and employees is also responsible for their safety. If an accident occurs, this responsibility includes making an adequate investigation and taking necessary corrective action to eliminate or protect against the hazard. Each employing unit is responsible for establishing and maintaining safety standards within the unit including compliance with Wisconsin Department of Commerce rules (equivalent to OSHA rules) and other applicable regulations. All supervisory personnel need to understand their responsibility for the safety of all persons coming into their work areas. Employees are responsible for following established safety procedures and using protective equipment.

Both the supervisor and the employee have responsibilities related to safety and accident prevention.  Please see the Employee Health and Safety portion of the Classified and Unclassified Personnel Policies and Procedures for current procedures for reporting an accident including links to the proper forms.

Persons who are not University employees should report an accident and/or injury to the nearest department office or Building Manager, who shall take responsibility for following procedures outlined.