Remodeling Requests

All requests for remodeling from the Physical Plant require approval from CALS prior to submittal to the Physical Plant Project Administration Center (PAC).

What is a Project?

Projects with the following characteristics require PAC administration:

  • Modifications that affect the structural, mechanical, electrical, architectural and/or security systems of a building 
  • All DSF delegated construction projects 
  • Modifications requiring architectural and/or engineering services 
  • Change of space usage (i.e., office to lab, classroom to computer lab) 
  • Modifications requiring significant multiple-trades coordination 
  • Modifications that affect exit paths 
  • Installation or removal of equipment connected to building systems 
  • Installation or removal of walls or partitions 
  • Special assignments, based on other criteria 

Requesting a Project

Request for Remodeling Intake Form

Please let us know your request. We will complete this form, outlining your remodeling request. We will forward the form to your CALS' office for review and approval. Approved requests are submitted to PAC by CALS