Bike racks are available in multiple locations near the HF DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Complex for convenient, secure storage of your bicycle.

B-cycle stations are located at various locations on campus.  To see the current locations please visit the campus B-cycle map.

Transportation Services offers Bicycle Information page with a great deal of useful information for bicycle users.

Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS 18.08(3) regulates bicycle storage and use on campus.  According to the UW Protection and Security Office, the penalties for code violation may result in a possible court appearance and a fine up to $500.

Bicycles. No person may park or store a bicycle in buildings, on sidewalks or driveways, or in motor vehicle parking spaces, except in areas designated for that purpose or in bicycle racks, or as authorized by university housing policies. Bicycles shall be parked so as not to obstruct free passage of vehicles and pedestrians. Bicycle riding is prohibited on university lands when and where the intent is to perform tricks or stunts and those tricks or stunts may result in injury to any person or cause damage to property.

Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS 18.04(3) points out that all vehicular traffic, including bicycles, must follow all roadway regulations.

All provisions of ch. 346, Stats., entitled "Rules of the Road," which are applicable to highways as defined in s. 340.01 (22), Stats., and which are not in conflict with any specific provisions of these regulations, are hereby adopted for the regulation of all vehicular traffic, including bicycles, on all roadways, including those off-street areas designated as parking facilities, under the control of the board and are intended to apply with the same force and effect. All traffic shall obey the posted signs approved by the chief administrative officer regulating such traffic.