The Department of Biochemistry

Images of the HFD Biochemistry Complex

The goal of the Department of Biochemistry is to discover and understand the processes of life at the molecular level. Our work is fundamentally important for advances in medicine, agriculture, nutrition, bioenergy, and many other topics. Founded in 1883, our Department has a long tradition of excellence. The associated images provide you a view into our Department, one of the top ranked biochemistry graduate programs in the nation.

With over 30 faculty members, the research interests of the Department span a variety of fundamental topics, extending from vitamins, metabolism and enzyme mechanism to cellular trafficking, nucleic acid processing, developmental biology, and more. Cutting-edge methods in structural, chemical and computational biology, single-molecule imaging, proteomics, molecular genetics and cellular biology are used to carry out the research, and often applied collaboratively.

This rich research environment and the outstanding facilities that host the Department offer exceptional training opportunities for students and postdoctoral researchers, and serve as a focal point for collaborative research on campus, nationally and internationally.

Photo By: 
Joe Oliva, Hedrich Blessing