Michael R. Sussman

Photo of Michael R. Sussman
B.S., Bucknell University
Ph.D., Michigan State University
Phone: (608) 262-8608
Email: msussman@wisc.edu

Professional Services

Member, two NIH Study Sections - 2009

Session chair, American Society of Mass Spectrometry Annual Meeting (Philadelphia, PA) - 2009

Chair, NIH Study Section on Metabolomics (GM) - 2007

Member, NIH Study Section on Mass Spectrometry and Translational Proteomics (NCI) - 2007

Member, DOE Study Section, Biological Sciences Division - 2006

Editor, FEBS Letters - 2005-Present

National Science Foundation grant Review Panel (Metabolic Biochemistry) - 2005

National Science Foundation Grant Review Panel (Integrative Plant Biology) - 2003

Keynote Speaker at Nordic Arabidopsis Society Annual Meeting, Laugarvatn, Iceland - 2003

Member, Wisconsin Biotechnology Association Board of Directors - 2002-Present

Keynote Speaker at Wisconsin Medical Alumni Assoc. Annual Dinner, Milwaukee,WI - 2002

Elected Co-chair, Multinational Arabidopsis Steering Committee (MASC) - 2001-2003

Appointed to Wisconsin Technology Council by Governor - 2001

Chaired session on Genomics Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York - 2001

ASBMB/FASEB Exper. Biology Annual Meeting Symposium Chair, Orlando, FL - 2001

Consultant, NimbleGen Systems, Inc - 2000

Member, Editorial Board of the Journal for Biological Chemistry - 2000

Co-host 12th Intl Plant Membrane Transport Meeting, Madison, WI - 2000

Elected member, North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) - 2002-2003

Co-Founder, NimbleGen Inc. - 1999

Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Large Scale Biology Inc., Vacaville, CA - 1998-2002

Chaired a session at FASEB annual meeting, Orlando, FL - 1998

Consultant, Paradigm Genetics, Inc - 1997-2000

National Science Foundation Peer Review Grant Panel (Signal Transduction) - 1997-1998

Director, University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center, Madison, WI - 1997-Present

Keynote speaker at Governor Thompson?s annual Baird Conference in Milwaukee, WI - 1997

Interim Director, University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center, Madison, WI - 1996-1997

International Biochemistry Symposium (chaired session), San Francisco, CA - 1996

Hosted a Bainbury Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor, on "Plant Membrane Transport" - 1996

Member, Editorial Board of The Plant Journal - 1993-1996

National Science Foundation Grant Review Panel (Cell Biology) - 1992-1998

Editorial Board, New Biologist - 1990

Dept. of Energy  Grant Review Panel (Biological Energy Transduction Panel) - 1988

Consultant, International Biotechnology Incorporated, New Haven, CT - 1985

Visiting Scientist, Shell Development Company, Modesto, CA - 1979