IPiB Thesis Review: Andrew Reidenbach
Monday, April 17, 2017 - 10:00am to 11:00am

Activities and activators of the atypical kinase COQ8 and its role in coenzyme Q biosynthesis

The University of Wisconsin–Madison has a long and rich history of research on mitochondria, the “powerhouse of the cell.” An essential lipid in energy production is coenzyme Q (CoQ), which was actually discovered by UW–Madison researchers in 1957. Andrew Reidenbach of the Pagliarini Lab, part of the Morgridge Institute for Research, has revealed previously-unknown functions of COQ8, an enzyme required for CoQ biosynthesis. Understanding the role of COQ8 in CoQ biosynthesis could have therapeutic implications for the many diseases associated with CoQ deficiency, he says.

Learn about the surprising functions he found and the future of this research at his Thesis Review on Monday, April 17 in Room 1211, Biochemical Sciences Building. Congratulations, Andrew!


Poster for Reidenbach Thesis Review