IPiB/SFLC Tea Time
Thursday, June 4, 2015 - 7:00pm

IPiB presents an all-new Tea Time this Thursday June 4th at 2 pm.

The IPiB gazette calls it a "can't-miss event". Starring Chad Thums, as the amazing Thermo rep that provides warm drinks and delicious snacks, Ellen Crummy and Molly McDevitt in their final Tea Time performance as your SFLC chair and vice-chair, coffee in it's most important role to date--giving IPiB students, faculty, and staff the little pick-me-up they need to get through the day--and of course the true stars--all of you! Don't let the day change fool you, Tea Time still has what it takes!

Tune in Thursday at 2:00 pm in the BSB Atrium. Even the critics agree. You don't want to miss out!