Flow Cytometry Workshop
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 3:00pm to 10:00pm

MACSQuant VYB Flow Cytometer Demo

The Biophysics Instrumentation Facility (BIF) is demoing its final flow cytometer for potential purchase.  We invite any current or potential flow cytometer users to stop by and check out the instrument to provide us with valuable feedback.  The last demo is:

We would like to invite any current or potential flow cytometer users to come and check out the MACSQunat VYB system.  Bring samples to run or just stop by to see the instrument, get a feel for the software or discuss capabilities with the Nick Ostrout, the Miltenyi Technical Scientist.  

Demo Location: Room 4420 HFD Biochemical Sciences Building

Demo Schedule:
Instrument walkthrough at 10 AM
Guest sample runs until 5 PM

If you would like to schedule a specific time to run or plan on stopping by with samples, contact Dan Stevens or Nick Ostrout

Instrument Information: MACSQuant VYB


Contact Info:

For more information about the system, the demo or sample prep, contact Dan Stevens (dstevens3@wisc.edu)