SFLC Lunch Symposium
Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

SFLC Lunch Symposium will be Tuesday, April 28 from 12-2 in Biochemistry Addition Room 175.  Another group of second-years will be practicing their 20-minute prelim proposals; the schedule of presentations is below.

As usual, Jimmy Johns sandwiches will be provided for a $2 donation.  If you would like to join us for the lunch, please send us an RSVP.  Older students, the presenters would definitely appreciate your feedback and advice about the prelim.  Newer students, this is an excellent chance to see what you might be doing a year from now.  If you can only attend one or two of the presentations, it's totally fine!  Just let me know and I'll make sure to save some sandwiches for you.

Thanks everyone for continuing to support the lunch symposium and I hope to see you on Tuesday!

12:00-12:20--Dominik Hoelper, "Understanding the Tumor Suppressor Role of the Histone Chaperone Complex ATRX-Daxx."

12:30-12:50--Ian Norden, "Investigating snRNP biogenesis using single RNA imaging in human cells"

1:00-1:20--Stephanie Maciuba, "Functional domains in the protein CAPS"

1:30-1:50--Megan Dowdle, "RNA recognition and binding by translational repressor Bicaudal-C"