Rescuing US Biomedical Research; Workshop 4
Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 11:00pm

Workshop 4

How should peer review be reconfigured to increase funding for proposals with potential for groundbreaking advances?

Two Chances to join the discussion: (With special sections for graduate students and post-­‐docs only)

March 24th 2-­‐4pm
2-­‐3:30 (Everyone, including grad students and post-­‐docs)
3:30-­‐4 (Grad students and post-­‐docs only)
Ebling Auditorium, Microbial Sciences Building

March 26th 4-­‐6pm
4-­‐5:30 (Everyone, including grad students and post-­‐docs)
5:30-­‐6 (Grad students and post-­‐docs only)
Room 1335, Health Sciences Learning Center