Typhoon™ laser-scanner platform

Amersham Typhoon RGB/5

Typhoon™ supports multiple imaging modes including phosphor imaging, fluorescence red, green, blue, and NIR, OD) and samples types (imaging plates, gels, plates, tissue slides, membranes) — from narrow to very large samples.
Contact Info: 

Joe Oliva

E-mail jmoliva@wisc.edu

Phone (608) 262-1184

Oversight Plan: 

BMC will provide primary oversight of the equipment. The primary contact for maintenance will
be Joe Oliva, and the primary faculty contact for use will be David Brow. Oversight from
Biochemistry will occur through Aaron Hoskins

Training Plan: 

Typhoon phosphorimagers are very robust and generally require little maintenance. Training
can usually be accomplished in a single session on an as-needed basis by an experienced
user (e.g., Joe Oliva or members of the Hoskins Lab).