TubeWriter 360

TubeWriter 360 - Direct High-Speed Alphanumeric Printing System for Labware
Contact Info: 

Katherine Henzler-Wildman 

Phone: (608) 890-1094

Oversight Plan: 

All maintenance will be performed by NMRFAM researcher, Ronnie O. Frederick. The instrument will be housed
in room 161 in the Hector Deluca Biochemistry Laboratories Building.
• Weekly maintenance will include: alignment, check for printing rack inventory, weekly computer updates,
and checks for software upgrades online.
• Quarterly maintenance will include: cartridge changes, print test page, and print rack alignment check.

Training Plan: 

The TubeWriter 360 is simple to use and the Excel or LIMS compatible interface allows for rapid sample loading.
We have generated a training plan that will include an online training, and the potential for scheduled trainings.
The online materials will ensure that users are always able to access the appropriate protocols and resources,
lowering the barrier of use, and ensuring a self-tailored experience.
• Online training and resources will be hosted through the NMRFAM webpage through a shared
biochemistry login and password. We will host training videos of rack loading, an introduction to setting
up a print run, and a brief tutorial with screen captures to enhance user friendly application.
• Scheduled training will be offered by Ronnie Frederick, a Researcher in NMRFAM, and will be advertised
on the NMRFAM webpage. These will include the standard onboarding, discussion of racks, and
instructions on what to do when something is not functioning properly.