Supercritical fluid/Ultra high performance liquid chromatography (SFC/UHPLC) hybrid system

The 1260 Infinity II SFC/UHPLC Hybrid System allows you to perform supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) on a single instrument. The system supports pressures up to 600 bar in SFC mode and up to 800 bar in UHPLC mode. Switching between the two modes is easy and can be fully automated.
Contact Info: 

Charlie Kirsh

Oversight Plan: 

All maintenance will be performed by the research intern in the Simcox laboratory, Charlie Kirsh

Training Plan: 

The SFC/UPHLC may require several training levels dependent upon the user’s skill level and familiarity with
chromatography. We have generated a training plan that will include an annual training session, online training,
and the potential for scheduled trainings. The online materials will ensure that users are always able to access
the appropriate protocols and resources, lowering the barrier of use, and ensuring a self-tailored experience.
• Annual training for SFC/UHPLC will be offered the second week of January and will take place over two
half days. These trainings will be a hands-on training session that will require attendees to go through
the online resources before. Attendees will go through a live session performing an MTBE extraction to
isolate lipid and metabolite fractions, set up a sample run to measure ketones, and will be taught the
basics of data analysis. Advanced users that have prior experience with HPLC will be allowed to take a
shortened version of the onboarding that includes setting up the run method, review of sample
preparation methods, and data export.
• Online training and resources will be hosted through the Simcox lab website through a shared
biochemistry login and password. Several protocols will be offered on our website including sample
preparation and run methods. We will host training videos of sample preparation, an introduction to setting
up a run method, and screen capture videos of step by step data analysis. We will also provide the Github
links to all R packages for data analysis and R markdowns, R tutorial videos for using the R packages
will be posted on the Simcox lab website.
• Scheduled training will be offered by Charlie Kirsh in the laboratory and will be advertised on the Simcox
laboratory website. These will include the standard onboarding of the annual training and require the
users to complete the online training before.