Multifors II Chemostat

A chemostat allows us to study interactions between members of microbial communities for a prolonged period of time where pH, nutrient availability and washout of waste products/dead cells can be precisely controlled. This system will be used for many projects in the lab including studying the metabolism of synthetic human gut microbiome communities, response to invasion by intestinal pathogens, control of microbial communities using engineered probiotics and phage-bacterial interactions. In addition, a major challenge for interpreting ‘omics’ data in batch culture is that the environment and thus the cellular physiological state is continuously changing. Therefore, the continuous culture system would establish precise control of the environment for investigation of global mRNA, protein and metabolite profile
Contact Info: 

Ophelia Venturelli <>

Training Plan: 

Applikon will install and provide the formal training on the instrument. Following the initial training, a member of the Venturelli Lab will be responsible for training Biochemistry users on the instrument. Trained users will be able to reserve time on the instrument using a Google calendar and will be given access to the room that contains the instrument.