MetaMorph Software Suite


Analysis of images and movies.
Contact Info: 

Josie Mitchell

Oversight Plan: 

The computer and software are regularly updated and maintained by the Biochemistry IT department. Operating issues (e.g. error messages) are recorded on a log sheet next to the computer (the log records the date the issue was encountered, a description, and the user's name). Users are instructed to bring any issues to the attention of Josie Mitchell via email (, and Josie will arrange to contact Metamorph and resolve the problem. If required, we will establish an online calendar so that users can reserve time to use the software (currently all users have been able to readily utilize the software when needed, since the computer is dedicated to image analysis).

Training Plan: 

New users are instructed to contact Josie Mitchell (, who will arrange a training session tailored to the user's need. There are also written instructions on how to carry out commonly performed analysis tasks.