Computational Cluster

King Star Computer - 9 GPU Blade Servers (cluster nodes), 1 1U Server (submit node)

To support shared user access and software packages introduced as part of the Steenbock Biochemistry Library mini courses. Mini courses will be offered to students and postdocs in the Dept of Biochem as students progress, they will learn how to launch larger numbers of computing jobs. Teaching materials will be designed around specific user-friendly software packages (e.g SBGrid)
Contact Info: 

Jean-Yves Sgro
(608) 890-3958

Oversight Plan: 

Resource sharing to be managed via Condor. Users requesting specialized configurations or software make request for consideration by both IT and Library committees. A formal review for upgrades should be conducted once every four years. Interim upgrades can be pursued by joint approval of Library and IT committees

Training Plan: 

IT and Library committees will design initial software installations.

Use of shared departmental computing resources can be readily integrated into lessons through mini-courses.