Biochemistry Departmental Equipment

The equipment listed on this page is typically available for all users in the department to access for their research needs. By sharing the equipment labs are able to access equipment that is either not regularly used or might be cost prohibitive for an individual lab to purchase and maintain.

Picture of Analytical-Scale HPLC

Analytical-Scale HPLC


Purification of fluorescent compounds.

Picture of Artel Pipette Calibration System

Artel Pipette Calibration System


Supports validating pipette and user accuracy in air displacement pipettes.

Picture of Automated UV Fluoresence Microscope

Automated UV Fluoresence Microscope


Detect protein or nucleic acid crystals and distinguish them from other crystals or crystal-like contaminants that appear in crystallization trials.

Picture of Bio-Rad Digital Droplet PCR System

Bio-Rad Digital Droplet PCR System


To support for genotype analysis, transcriptome analysis, or other applications where qPCR has been used.

Picture of BioTek Cytation CYT5M Plate Reader and Washer

BioTek Cytation CYT5M Plate Reader and Washer


High throughput measurement of fluorescence and luminescence in cells, lysates and supernatants that have or have been treated with virus.

Picture of Cell Disruptor

Cell Disruptor


Disruption of E. coli and yeast cells for the production of cell extracts

Computational Cluster


To support shared user access and software packages introduced as part of the Steenbock Biochemistry Library mini courses. Mini courses will be offered to students and postdocs in the Dept of Biochem as students progress, they will learn how to launch larger numbers of computing jobs. Teaching materials will be designed around specific user-friendly software packages (e.g SBGrid)

Picture of Direct Detect IR Spectrophotometer

Direct Detect IR Spectrophotometer


Used to quantify proteins, lipids, peptides using IR absorbance properties.

DNAstar Qseq and NGen Software


Provide Qseq and NGen software packages via Biochem IT. This is in addition to the DNA Star Lasergene Core Suite.

Picture of Fotodyne Gel Doc

Fotodyne Gel Doc


Updated software and hardware to allow researchers to continue utilizing the Gel Doc system with modern Windows operating systems. The camera in the Gel Doc system was updated to a 2.0 MP camera allowing higher resolution gel images. The new computer configuration allows users to quickly and easily transfer their images directly to the Biochemistry File Server.