Roland R. Rueckert

Photo of Roland R. Rueckert
Emeritus Professor 1996-Present
Professor 1965-1996
Ph.D.: (Oncology) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Phone: (608) 262-6949

Professional Services

Chair, Search and Screen Committee for Graduate School Dean, UW-Madison - 1995-1996

Member, Search Committee for Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine, UW-Madison - 1995

Member, Advisory Committee to the American Type Culture Collection (Picornaviruses) - 1994

Task Force to Define NIH Research Priorities for the Coming Decade. Chair, Subcommittee on "Structural Biology and Targeted Drug Development" - 1994

Virology Representative on the US National Committee for the International Union of Microbiological Societies - 1993-1996

Consultant, Wyeth-Ayerst Research - 1993

Scientific Advisor, Pittsburgh Committee for Virology - 1992

Consultant for Sterling-Winthrop Corporation, Rensselear, NY - 1990-1995

Molecular Biophysics Training Grant Review Committee, NIGMS, NIH - 1988-1991

Cellular & Molecular Basis of Disease Review Committee, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIH - 1987-1991

Campus Computer Steering  Committee, UW-Madison - 1987-1988

International Committee for Taxonomy of Viruses:  Chair, Picornavirus  Classification Committee - 1986-1992

Graduate School Administrative Committee, UW-Madison - 1986-1988

Councilor for American Society for Virology - 1985-1989

Consultant for VECOL Corporation in Bogota, Colombia - 1982-1986

International Committee for Taxonomy of Viruses:  Chair, Nodavirus/Tetravirus Classification Committee - 1981-1994

American Cancer Society Grant Review Panel - 1980-1983, 1992-1995

Advisory Committee for Cellular & Molecular Biology Predoctoral Training - 1975-1992