Ronald T. Raines

Photo of Ronald T. Raines

Department of Chemistry
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 18-498
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

Emeritus Professor 2017-present
Professor 1989-2017
B.A., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Harvard University
Phone: (617) 253-1807

Professional Services

Editorial Board for Bioconjugate Chemistry – 2016-Present

Scientific Advisory Board, Keystone Symposia - 2010-Present

Scientific Committee, Eighth International Meeting on Ribonucleases - 2010
Naples, Italy

Editorial Board for Protein Science - 2009-Present

Issue Co-Editor for Current Opinion in Chemical Biology - 2008

Editorial Board for Protein Engineering, Design & Selection - 2008-Present

Editorial Board for Faculty of 1000 Biology - 2008-2010

Chair, Synthetic and Biological Chemistry B (SBCB) Study Section, NIH - 2007-2009

Editorial Board for ACS Chemical Biology - 2006-Present

Member, Synthetic and Biological Chemistry B (SBCB) Study Section, NIH - 2005-2009

Scientific Committee, Seventh International Meeting on Ribonucleases - 2005
Stará Lesná, Slovak Republic

Ad Hoc Reviewer, NIH - 1997, 2000, 2004

Editorial Board for Peptide Science - 2004-Present

Nominating Committee, Division of Biological Chemistry - 2003-2005
American Chemical Society

Editorial Board for Journal of Biomolecular Screening - 1996-2003

Issue Co-Editor for Current Opinion in Chemical Biology - 2002

Scientific Committee, Sixth International Meeting on Ribonucleases - 2002
Bath, United Kingdom

Panelist, HHMI Predoctoral Fellowships in Biological Sciences - 2001

Scientific Committee, Fifth International Meeting on Ribonucleases - 1999
Warrenton, VA

Invited Participant, NSF Workshop on Physical Organic Chemistry - 1998

Scientific Committee, Ribonucleases: Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology - 1996
(Fourth International Meeting)
Groningen, The Netherlands

Ad Hoc Reviewer, NSF - 1995-Present