New Instruments

Direct Detect IR Spectrometer (EMD Millipore)

The Direct Detect is infrared (IR)-based system capable of quantification of proteins, lipids and detergents. The analysis measures amide bonds in polypeptide chains and can accurately quantify protein concentration without relying on amino acid composition, dye binding properties or redox potential. The analysis is quick and requires only 2 µL of sample. Samples are spotted on a PTFE card and run on the Direct Detect system. Accurate measurement of protein concentrations ranges from 0.25 to 5 mg/mL.

Current Status: Installed and available for use. Contact BIF staff for training.

Real-Time PCR (Bio-Rad)

The CFX Connect system is Real-Time PCR detection system capable of two-target analysis and gradient thermal cycling. 

Current Status: Installed and available for use. Contact Dan Stevens for training.

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Pipet Calibration System (Artel)

The PCS used a dye based system to the accuracy of pipet volume delivery. The PCS can be used for routine testing of pipets. Equipped with pipet tracking software, users will be able to follow pipet performance over time.

Current Status: Not yet installed.

3-D Printer (MakerBot)

A 5th generation Replicator, the 3-D printer will be available for custom printing jobs.

Current Status: Not yet installed.

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